Online Presenting Equipment Recommendations

Ear Buds with Built In Micrphone

Easy and cost effective. Less durable and may have issues if cord is compromised. Be sure the microphone is not rubbing on any fabric

Mid-Range USB

Connects to computer via USB port. May require an additional stand. Typically has limited range for optimal quality. Pop filter (shown) is optional. 

High End USB

Invest in high quality with a full range depth of sound. Some models may function as both input and output. Durable, portable, and optional.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez

Doing this a lot?

You may want to invest in a quality set up. You can get an entire package with microphone, stand, pop filter, dust cover...all the bells and whistles...

Your Home Lighting

Fill the room with light. If you have something shining directly on your face, add a soft filter of gray.

Clip On Halo

This little light clips right onto your laptop or monitor and lights up your face. Many options have settings to control tone and intensity.


USB Halo Light and Stand

Just the affordable side of a full-on video studio, this versatile option will work at your desk, laptop, and will your phone. 


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